Updates from the Board President - We’ve Moved!

DomMueller Headshot.JPG

Hello Lake City Art Community,

June was a wonderfully productive month for LCAA. We’ve completed 90% of our renovations, moved in, and held the first week of classes at the new LCAA Art & Culture Center!

If that wasn’t enough, we participated in Water Ski Days with a bingo fundraiser, earning $600 in 3 hours! I’d like to thank all our hard-working volunteers and board members for the hundreds of hours of hands-on support. It’s so inspiring to see how we came together to build a better LCAA.

I am also pleased to announce new members of our leadership team. Effective July 3rd, Andrew Eggenberger and Craig Mueller will be joining as Board Directors, and Pat Swanson and Kate Halverson will be joining as Advisors. It’s an honor and privilege to work with these talented individuals. With their unique perspectives, depth of experience, and passion for making art accessible for all, they are going to be amazing in their new roles. Please congratulate and welcome them to our LCAA family!

Here is a quick guide to director roles and responsibilities, should you need to reach out with any questions or feedback:

  • Dominique – President: Strategy, Initiatives, Process

  • Pat – Vice President: Community, Events, Curriculum

  • Larry – Treasurer: Budget, Expense Management

  • Susan – Secretary: External Partnerships, Grants

  • Linda – Director: Membership & Communication

  • Andrew – Director: Music Direction & Coordination

  • Craig – Director: Art & Culture Center Management

Finally, please plan to attend the fantastic Marina Art Exhibit "Moment in Time" orchestrated by the talented Pat Swanson, Donna Ohl and Sharon Anderson. The exhibit will run from July 18th through August 4th from 7am to 8pm daily. Thank you to all the participating artists for sharing their beautiful work and donating 10% of the sales to LCAA.

Kind regards,